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Hattisburg is a college town, home to the University of Southern Mississippi, and also is one of the most progressive areas in the state. Its low cost of living, favorable business climate, recreational and cultural attractions, and community and social services contribute to its outstanding quality of life. Hattiesburg has developed a pro-business culture and low cost structure deeply rooted in a strong and diverse economy. Just south of the city is Camp Shelby, the largest National Guard training base east of the Mississippi River.



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Homes Owned 37.25%
37.25% Complete
Homes Rented 62.75%
62.75% Complete

Real Estate

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Ready to move to Hattiesburg? There are a variety of housing options in the area. Click below to learn about the recent trends, average home values and even a few current real estate listings in Hattiesburg.

Median Home Price

Higher than the state average
Downtown Hattiesburg
Hattiesburg, MS is a Certified Retirement City
A certified retirement community, with high standards when it comes to health care, housing and cultural opportunities.


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The quality of a school district is often a top factor for parents considering where to live. Strong school systems attract new residents and help their cities prosper. See how Hattiesburg rates.

Median Household Income

Lower than the national average


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Being a great place to live and being a great place to work often go hand-in-hand. Here’s what the business and employment climate is like in Hattiesburg.
Hattiesburg Activities Range from Hiking to Hunting
Hattiesburg offers a variety of recreational options that will move the most inveterate couch potato to get up and go outdoors.


Most residents are
10-24 Years old


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Access to quality hospitals, doctors and health-care providers is just part of what makes a healthy community. Here’s how to get and stay healthy in Hattiesburg.


Bachelor’s Degree 32%
32% Complete
Graduated High School 83%
83% Complete

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