The Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN

The Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN is a performing arts and education center that offers classes to residents.


Heather Johnson

on April 29, 2011 at 3:42 am EST
Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN


The Renaissance Center‚ a state-of-the-art performing arts and learning facility in Dickson‚ has entertained and educated Middle Tennessee residents since 1999.

Volunteers & Staff

As the cornerstone project of The Jackson Foundation‚ the multimillion-dollar Renaissance Center operates with a relatively small staff supported by a vast network of adjunct instructors and volunteers. Considering the breadth of art‚ music‚ dance‚ multimedia‚ and computer classes and events offered‚ it’s no surprise that the Renaissance Center employees are skilled multitaskers. These “Renaissance” men and women wear many hats but manage their multiple roles with ease and enthusiasm.

Senior Director of Fine Arts Bob Kucher oversees the visual art‚ dance‚ theater and music departments. On any given day‚ Kucher could be scheduling classes and events‚ seeking out talent‚ or reviewing proposals submitted to him from artists and performers.

“The breadth of the artists who I communicate with on a daily basis is quite astounding‚” Kucher says. “Also I get to enjoy the fruits of everybody’s labor‚ which could be a children’s perfor­mance‚ a dinner theater rehearsal‚ or a harmonica in the hallway.”

Multimedia at The Renaissance

The Center not only offers visual arts and performances, but also a variety of multimedia experiences.

Steve Hall‚ senior director of multimedia‚ oversees a “small‚ busy department” that handles the production of documentaries‚ live concerts‚ instruc­tional videos‚ as well as the “Tennessee’s Wild Side” television program that airs throughout the state on PBS. Hall’s position encompasses that of writer‚ producer‚ director‚ manager‚ and sales and marketing man. He communicates with everyone from recording artists to video directors but readily admits that his co-workers and the work they produce together bring him the most satisfaction.

“I’m very blessed to work with my friends every day‚” says Hall. “It’s terrific to do work that can make a difference in people’s lives and in our community‚ as well as the local and national communities.”

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