10 Best Farmers Markets

We've gone a pick'n and came back with a healthy list of 10 Best Farmers Markets. Take a gander at some of the best places to get homegrown goodness and have a bit of fun.

Farmers markets are coming back in a big way. Maybe it's the popularity of cooking shows or a growing trend toward sustainability, but more and more people are seeking out the fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce that can be found in local farmers markets. Sustainability and the availability of local food are some of the key factors in the livability of a region. That's why our editors have dug in to unearth some of the best farmers markets from around the country.

Whether you're a locavore who already knows the importance and environmental impact of buying locally or just someone who loves fresh food, it's time to satiate your appetite for info about farmers markets.

Ranking Criteria

Large offering of food • Community supported agriculture • Organic choices

9745. Tucson, AZ Population 528,374
9812. Santa Cruz, CA Population 62,752
9856. Santa Fe, NM Population 83,008
9917. Greensboro, NC Population 279,427
9976. Boulder, CO Population 103,919
10033. Burlington, VT Population 42,570
10088. Portland, OR Population 612,206
10100. Ocala, FL Population 57,209
10201. Chattanooga, TN Population 174,483
10225. Kansas City, MO Population 467,990