Rochester, MN

CommunityWhy Rochester, Minn. Is a Top 100 Best Place to Live 2015

In the coming years, a lot of new residents will likely be coming to Rochester, Minn., as the Mayo Clinic expands. They'll find themselves in one of the Best Places to Live.

How Communities Help Older Neighbors

Community'Villages' Offer Vital Alternative for Seniors Who Want to Stay in Their Homes

Neighborhood villages, in nearly 200 locations around the country, bring communities together to help older neighbors receive services and build relationships while they remain in their own homes and beloved neighborhoods.

Most Surprising Irish Small Towns

CommunityThe 5 Most Surprisingly Irish Towns in America

You probably wouldn't think of these five cities as top spots for celebrating St. Patrick's Day. But...they are.

Best Cities on Instagram

Business and EconomyThe 6 Best Cities on Instagram

There are something in the neighborhood of 400 million active Instagram accounts. We've put together a list of our favorite accounts from our favorite towns. Sorry, no kitten pictures. But you will probably see some latte art.

Moving Away from Family

CommunityHow to Survive a Move Away from Family

Transplants Cameron Watson and Brittany Parker work to navigate a new landscape and forge meaningful connections. See how these African-Americans found ways to form new networks after moving to a new city.

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