Raven Petty

Raven Petty – a native Nashvillian – enjoys as much variety in her work as she does her hobbies. She is a graduate of Tennessee State University with a B.A. in English, and her greatest passions are proofreading and editing, movies, music, and cars. She is a project manager for economic development at Journal Communications Inc., a multimedia publishing company.

Raven has edited several books, helped produced an online comicbook, and has written College Prowler's Guidebook to Tennessee State University and many articles for The Meter, Examiner.com, Livability magazines and Livability.com. She is currently expanding her freelance career, and be sure to visit her site Revenant Publications.

She enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, knitting on the couch while watching a game, and going to concerts and movies. She is known for being a "busy bee" and is always looking for something fun to do.

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