City of Orem, UT

Orem is located in Utah County in Utah. The median income is $52,960 and the median home value is $203,100. The population is 77% White, 1% Black, 2% Asian and 1% Native American or Native Hawaiian. 5% identify as another race or ethnicity, or two or more races. 15% of residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin. For more on schools, real estate, business and health care in Orem, see each of the tabs to the leftabove. Walkability can be a key driver of the overall livability of a community. Orem has a Walk Score® of 41.

  • Schools

    In Orem, Utah

    The quality of a school district is often a top factor for parents considering where to live. Strong school systems attract new residents and help their cities prosper. See how Orem rates.

    Public Schools in Orem, Utah
    Private Schools in Orem, Utah
  • Business

    In Orem, Utah

    Being a great place to live and being a great place to work often go hand-in-hand. Here’s what the business and employment climate is like in Orem.

    Major Industries in Orem, Utah
    Employment in Orem, Utah
  • Health

    In Orem, Utah

    Access to quality hospitals, doctors and health-care providers is just part of what makes a healthy community. Here’s how to get and stay healthy in Orem.

    Healthy Lifestyles in Orem, Utah
    Doctors in Orem, Utah
    Hospitals in Orem, Utah
  • Real Estate

    In Orem, Utah

    Ready to move to Orem? There are a variety of housing options in the area. Click below to learn about the recent trends, average home values and even a few current real estate listings in Orem.

    Housing in Orem, Utah
    Home Values in Orem, Utah

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