Business and EconomyThe 6 Best Cities for Health-Care Workers

Discover the best cities for health-care workers when it comes to top pay, advancement opportunities and jobs.

Moving South to North

MovingClimate Change: What It's Like to Move Up North

Those who have made the move from South to North say it takes some getting used to, but there are many benefits to living in a northern state.

What's it like to live in a caucus state?

CommunityPicking the President First: What It's Like to Live in a Caucus/Primary State

A look at how this year's presidential election affects daily life in an early-voting state, and what it's like to live in a state that picks the president before anyone else.

2016 Top 10 Affordable Places to Live

Best Affordable Places to Live

Our annual ranking of the best affordable cities includes not just cheap places to live, but also communities with high standards of living and low housing costs..

Top Cities List99 Best Beers in 99 Best Beer Cities

We've discovered the top 99 beer cities across the country and found the best beer in each one.

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