What you need to know about Iowa City, IA

From public pianos to sweaters for trees, Iowa City residents enjoy a creative culture that embraces creativity and encourages exploration. Each summer pianos are installed in some of the city’s favorite gathering spots while residents cover trees with knitted tree huggers during the winter months. Iowa city, home of the University of Iowa, hosts the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the Landlocked Film Festival each year. Students and locals often gather at City Plaza for concerts and special events. The area contains many restaurants, bars and shops.

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Up by 5.00%
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Median Home Price

Higher than the state average


Homes Owned 48.09%
48.09% Complete
Homes Rented 51.91%
51.91% Complete

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Ready to move to Iowa City? There are a variety of housing options in the area. Click below to learn about the recent trends, average home values and even a few current real estate listings in Iowa City.


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The quality of a school district is often a top factor for parents considering where to live. Strong school systems attract new residents and help their cities prosper. See how Iowa City rates.

Median Household Income

Lower than the national average


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Being a great place to live and being a great place to work often go hand-in-hand. Here’s what the business and employment climate is like in Iowa City.


Most residents are
10-24 Years old


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Access to quality hospitals, doctors and health-care providers is just part of what makes a healthy community. Here’s how to get and stay healthy in Iowa City.


Bachelor’s Degree 59%
59% Complete
Graduated High School 95%
95% Complete

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