Top 10 Food Festivals

#9 EugeneOregon
Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene, OR
Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene, OR

Quick Facts About Eugene

Population: 159,739
Med. Age: 34
Med. Household Income: $42,483
Med. Home Price: $209,000
Average Work Commute: 14 MINUTES

Oregon Truffle Festival

A truffle adds a little elegance to any meal, and the Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene, OR, certainly puts a fancy spin on your average food festival. Held over three days in January, the festival is for serious foodies and features big continental breakfasts, winery luncheons, truffle dog training, and culminates in the Grand Truffle Dinner.

Don't Miss: The elegant Grand Truffle Dinner

What's Served: Truffles, wine

Don't Forget: Your furry friend, truffle dog training is provided

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