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Agriculture has always been a key contributor to the Virginia economy, and today 33 percent of the land remains devoted to farming. Other key industries in Virginia are the military, government services and technology, with Virginia having the highest concentration of technology workers of any state. Best places to live in Virginia include Arlington, Alexandria, Tysons Corner, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk. More than 175 colleges and universities are in the Commonwealth.

Virginia is the 12th populous state in the U.S. The largest cities in Virginia are Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake. The median income for Virginia is $63,636, which is 81% higher than the national median income. The median home price in Virginia is $249,700. The highest-priced homes are typically found in Great Falls, McLean and Wolf Trap. The lowest-priced homes are in Shawsville, Appalachia and Atkins.

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